Did you know you can create your own KEP helmet?
Multi-functional horse toy to keep your horse Bizzy. Contains one Bizzy Ball with patented wing..
Ideal for summer months, our delicious 1kg Lick infused with Apple flavour. Use in conjunction ..
Cavalor Action Mix 20KG Pre-Order
The ideal mix for active competition horses engaging light work.To purchase this product outside of ..
Cavalor An Energy Boost 50gr -15%
Cavalor® An Energy Boost- Premium LineCompensates for loss of energy during top performanceIndicatio..
13.00€ 11.00€
Cavalor® Arti Matrix provides a matrix solution to problems related to bones, joint capsules, tendon..
To support joints and tendons of sensitive horses and sporthorsesProduct Features:• Glucosamine, cho..
Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo Paste 60g -9%
For pulmonary support and elasticityIndication for use:1/3 syringe for at least 6 days in a row. ½ s..
22.00€ 20.00€
Cavalor Bronchix Pure 1kg Pre-Order
Herbal mixture designed to soothe and clear the pulmonary tract. Cavalor® Bronchix Pure supports the..